Inspecting California Real Estate Since 1986
Jon Thank you Southern California for your
continued confidence for over 30 years.

Jon Wilhelm
Certified C.R.E.I.A Inspector
Consumer Advocate for Property Owners and the Construction Industry
Member: California Real Estate Inspection Association, Better Business Bureau.

Apartment Buildings
Pre-listing Inspections
Maintenance & Safety Inspections
   New Construction Completion Verification
Full Custom Computerized Report

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Money 101

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Jon Wilhelm's roof inspection where the roofer said it
was ready for City Inspection and ready to cover

Jon has appeared on over 50 shows as a radio talk show guest on
AM-KFWB, KNX and KLAA and KPCC 89.3 F.M.. Providing advice on remodeling, maintenance and contractor questions for homeowners. You can call Jon for advice on any homeowner subject at 800-533-1933

A comprehensive, honest & unbiased inspection helps protect all parties.


Inspecting Residential and Commercial Real Estate from Santa Barbara to San Diego

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valleyhomeinspection at yahoo dot com

My family and friends support
with over 28,000 lbs. of food donated.

Serving 25,000 meals a week to children.